Depending on where you live in the Great Lakes regions and your family history, you might take part in any number of celebrations or traditions that make the winter memorable–even magical. No matter what family celebration you have in mind, you’ll definitely need fresh flowers to enhance your home and to combat the melancholy wintry scenes that await you. Although nothing is blooming during those cold Midwestern winters, you can enliven your setting with flowers that are sure to complement your favorite family celebrations.


Tree-Trimming Party

Many families cherish the tradition of setting up the Christmas tree and adorning it with holiday decorations. This is a fabulous way to enjoy informal, fun get-togethers with everyone you love. It’s also a great time host a special holiday potluck meal where each guest brings a dish. As the host, you can set up a long banquet table adorned with fresh flowers that are evocative of the season. You don’t have to spend a fortune either; just grab some bouquets of white carnations at your nearby Meijer and set them in vases. Add a few sprigs of evergreen from your own backyard and you have instant classic centerpieces that your family will adore.


Hockey, Football, and Fresh Flowers? You Bet!

Winter in the Midwest is all about those sports parties! Invite family and friends over to watch the big games and make your home more welcoming with floral displays that feature colors of your favorite teams. If you can’t find the colors you want, simply tie ribbons around your bouquets in large looping bows. Grocery store flowers are uber affordable and you ramp up their look when you get creative. For example,


Jul-Tide Joy

Many people of Scandinavian and Scottish descent celebrate Jul-time as part of their Christmas celebrations. Jul celebrations are traditionally times of feasting, drinking, and spending time with friends and family. Jul décor has much in common with Christmas so sprucing up your home with evergreen swags and fresh cut flowers in shades of red and white will add plenty of cheer to your holiday setting. For an old-fashioned Jul centerpiece, you can fill a new metal pail with branches of evergreen. Within the center and out-of-sight, add a vase filled with gorgeous white roses or carnations.


Ice Skating After Party

If you have older children who love to ice skate with their friends, consider hosting a special after-skating party in front of your fireplace. You can even invite neighbors and extended family too. Atop your mantel, you can add a winter garden to add holiday charm to your décor. Using rustic vessels, like metal cans and old jars, you can create visual appeal with flowers like amaryllis, primrose, evergreen, and other blooms in shades of scarlet and gold. This makes a lovely change of pace from poinsettias and holly.


Keep these festive floral ideas in mind as winter weather approaches. You can find amazing flowers at your nearby grocery store like Meijer. With just a touch of ingenuity, you can create incredible displays with flowers that aren’t simply beautiful; they’re affordable too!