Give new life to your jeans by recycling them into a fresh flower arrangement for your door or as wall decor.


Pic - GLL DIY 2 - 050416-3
Its really easy,  all you need is:

  • Great Lakes Living Bouquet
  • Old pair of jeans
  • Scissors
  • Rope or string
  • Ziplock bag
  • Super Glue





Step 1: Cut along the line around the back pocket of your jeans.

Pic - GLL DIY 3 - 050416-2

Step 2: Cut the zipper part off the Ziplock bag & place it inside the jean pocket.

Pic - GLL DIY 4 - 050416

Pic - GLL DIY 5 - 050416-2

Step 3: Super glue the edges of the Zip lock bag to the edges of the jean pocket.

Pic - GLL DIY 10 - 050416

Step 4: Measure 3/4 in from the top edge of the pocket and make a mark.

Pic - GLL DIY 6 - 050416-2

Step 5: Cut out the hole using scissors or a really strong hole puncher. Make you cut the holes out in the Ziplock bag as well.

Pic - GLL DIY 7 - 050416

Pic - GLL DIY 8 - 050416


Quick tip:  Tape the tip of the rope or string to make it easier to guide it through the holes.








Step 6: Guide the rope through each hole and make a knot.

Pic - GLL DIY 9 - 050416

Step 7: Select the flowers you will be using from the Great Lakes Living bouquet.

Pic - GLL DIY 12 - 050416

Step 8: Measure the height of the flowers by placing the pocket on top of stems. Don’t cut the stems on the seam of the pocket.

Pic - GLL DIY 13 - 050416

Step 9: Pour water into the Ziplock bag inside the pocket.

Pic - GLL DIY 16 - 050416

Step 10: Hang the pocket up and arrange the flowers inside. Flower arranging tip: Place the tall greens in the back, focal flowers in the middle (i.e. lilies, roses etc), green or yellow pompons in the sides.

Pic - GLL DIY 18 - 050416


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