If you live in the Great Lakes region, you already know how special the area is. The Great Lakes region in general, and Grand Rapids MI in particular, are great places to live, work and play, with an abundance of outdoor activities and lots of great things to see and do. There is nothing more fun than a picnic in the park, and the Grand Rapids region is home to some of the most lush and verdant parks in the entire Great Lakes area. If you want to enjoy that natural beauty, just grab your picnic basket, make some sandwiches and pack a bottle of your favorite wine, some grape juice for the kids and a bouquet of flowers. No matter where you live or how you choose to celebrate life in Grand Rapids MI, you can make everything you do even better with fresh cut flowers. A fresh bouquet of flowers can spruce up any event, from a holiday celebration to a simple picnic in the park.

Here are our top 3 Grand Rapids parks that are perfect for celebrating summer events: 

Millenium Park 

Millennium Park is one of our nation’s largest urban parks with portions in Grand Rapids, Walker, Grandville and Wyoming. Facilities within the park include a six-acre beach and splashpad, boat rental facilities, nearly 18 miles of trails, and other diverse opportunities for recreation and relaxation. When your done with all your activities relax with a picnic blanket, snacks, and a bouquet of fresh cut flowers to turn a moment into a memory!


Richmond Park

One of Grand Rapids original parks known as Richmond Hill by the donation of Rebecca L. Richmond. The park was created to be a community gathering place for Grand Rapids residents with a unique pool and bath house built in 1932 by George Welsh who was the City Manager at the time.

Richmond Park has great amenities for your summer events. You can find grills, picnic tables, or reserve an enclosed shelter for your celebrations. In this park  you can turn a blanket picnic, a relaxing lunch on a park table or prepare a large party in a shelter into a formal event just by adding some flowers in a vase, thermos, wine bottle or even beer bottles. Doesn’t matter what you event is just add some flowers to turn it into a celebration.

Richmond park

Provin Trail Park 

A quick escape to nature that’s close to city life.You can explore a mix of dense pine stands and open sand barrens along interconnected trails that wind through scenic hills and valleys.

Provin Trail Park is the perfect place to make a romantic picnic for you and your significant other. Take your partner on a romantic walk around the trails and surprise them at the end with a blanket, snacks, their favorite wine bottle and in a bouquet of flowers with petals around the picnic area.


Whether you travel to nearby Millennium Park for your picnic or lay down a blanket in beautiful Provin Trails Park, you can transform your simple outdoor meal into a formal occasion with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Just pick up some flowers on your way to the park, pack them in your picnic basket and enjoy.

The Grand Rapids area is home to some of the most stunning natural beauty on the planet, and you can enjoy it in style when you add fresh flowers to your celebration. From picnics in the park to lakeside barbecues, everything is better with flowers.

Which Grand Rapids park is your favorite? Let us know, share below!