The holiday season is the perfect time to get CRAFTY. Being crafty helps you bring the spirit of the holidays into your home with out taking money from your gifting budget.

Here is an easy how-to idea to create a table flower arrangement with only 1 bouquet and materials from around your home. Try it out!



  • 3 glass or plastic botles
  • Rope
  • Tree ornaments
  • Flower
  • Scissors






STEP 1: Measure and cut the rope 

Every table has different lengths, so measure first how long you want the centerpiece. Make sure to leave a little extra because you will be tieing the rope around the bottles. Our rope was 90 inches long.

After you cut the rope find the middle of the rope and loop it around the lid of the bottle.


Pic - GLL DIY Christmas website 6 - 092815


Make sure to tie the rope around the lid of the bottle twice, creating a double knot.

Pic - GLL DIY Christmas website 8 - 092815


STEP 2: Tie the second & third bottle

Find the middle between the first bottle and the end of the rope, create a loop. Place that loop around the lid of the second bottle and tie it with a double knot. Do the same thing for the third bottle.

Pic - GLL DIY Christmas website 9 - 092815


Make sure that the distance between the bottles are even.

Pic - GLL DIY Christmas website 10 - 092815


STEP 3: Time to get the flowers ready

Take your Great Lakes Living Bouquet and break it up into three smaller bouquets.

Pic - GLL DIY Christmas website 12 - 092815


Make sure to measure the bouquet against the bottles to get the height just right. TIP: Use floral tape, regular tape, or a rubber band to hold your blooms together when you are cutting the stems. This allows for a seamless cut.

Pic - GLL DIY Christmas website 11 - 092815

STEP 4:  Time to decorate, this is the best part.

Place your flowers in the bottles. Make sure to add water and little bit of the food each Great Lakes Living bouquet comes with. This will help your blooms stay fresh longer.

Once you place your flowers in the bottles make sure they are even. If not just cut a little bit at a time until they are all the same height. Then go crazy add your favorite Christmas ornaments to bring the arrangement together. We kept it clean and simple, but you can add lights twisted around the rope or stems from your pine tree. Its all up to your imagination.

Pic - GLL DIY Christmas website 13 - 092815


EXTRA TIP: Hang it up!

This arrangement is perfect for a table, but you can get creative and hang it up on a fire mantel or in a corner of your home. It is a versatile and stunning arrangement made by your hands and imagination.

 What do you think? Share with us your thought below.