The harvest season may have come to a close in the Midwest, but your nearby Meijer store wants you to remember that fresh flowers are always in season in their floral departments. Supermarket flowers are perfect for creating your own holiday displays and bouquets to celebrate the winter season and its revered holidays like Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah and New Years. With the following decorative ideas, you can infuse your home with festive flowers throughout the season.



This year according to the Hebrew calendar, Hanukah begins on December 6th . While many people who celebrate this Jewish holiday celebrate with traditional elements like the menorah, it’s also a good time to bring in fresh flowers to enhance the celebration. Because blue and white are colors associated with Hanukah, you may wish to create floral displays using white carnations, roses, and baby’s breath complemented by roses dyed with blue. If your Meijer doesn’t carry blue roses, you can easily dye them yourself using a few drops of blue food coloring and water.


Harvest Gourd

Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26 – January 1 and pays homage to African heritage. To that end, feasting and reverence for natural bounty play important roles in Kwanzaa celebrations. You can create a thematic Kwanzaa display by making a floral centerpiece for your holiday feast. Simply hollow out a gourd, the larger the more elaborate the display, and fill it with fresh flowers from Meijer. Choose flowers known to grow in Africa like Gerbera daisies, flame lilies, jasmine, or beautiful yellow arum. On the other hand, you can also choose Kwanzaa-colored flowers like red, black, and green.



Christmas is one of the best-loved holidays throughout the Midwest and is usually celebrated with a bevy of poinsettia plants and lots of homemade decorations that feature both fresh and dried flowers. Poinsettias are available in shades of red, pink, and white and are ideal for placing in your foyer near your entrance, your family room, and dining room during the holiday season. Traditional Christmas colors are red and green, so if you are in search of a simple yet elegant centerpiece for your holiday table, consider filling your best crystal vase with deep red roses intertwined with sprigs of evergreen. If you’re celebrating the season in your Great Lake cottage, you can swap your crystal for a kitschy holiday-themed teapot to use as your vase.


New Year’s

The wonderful thing about New Year’s is that your Christmas floral displays will also complement your New Year’s celebrations. However, why not jazz them up a bit with some silver and gold touches that may add some good luck for the year to come? Spruce up your grocery store flowers with some spray-on glitter to give them that wow factor you’re after. If you are having a large celebration and want to easily and expansively adorn each table with a centerpiece, you can pick up some dollar store plastic vases and coat them with mirror-effect spray paint for under $20. Fill each vase with fresh flowers like red and white roses, red carnations, or white gardenias.


When shopping at your grocery store, you’ll also find lots of dried flowers and elements you can add to your floral displays like pine cones and swags of holly. Search sites like Pinterest to get ideas for building your own bouquets using grocery store flowers, which are sure to enhance your home throughout the long Midwestern winter.