Choosing the right wedding flowers can become a dreadful process; however, did you ever think of looking into your local supermarket for help?

On September 4th, 2016, preparations were proceeding as bride-to-be, Betsy Krummrey, was getting ready to celebrate a milestone that many dream of reaching, her 40th anniversary. Antique plates and jars from the 1800’s filled the tables. The wedding party was set and the dessert table was as sweet as ever. And of course, what’s a wedding without flowers? Every bride wants flowers at their wedding, right?

Betsy knew she had to give herself a budget for her wedding flowers. With a specific vision in mind, she wanted to create something she wanted. The decision came down to:

A) going to a florist and having the arrangements done


B) making her vision become a reality herself.

She knew if she would go to a florist, her vision wouldn’t be exactly what she was looking for. “Florist in the past wanted to pick out what I wanted.” Betsy decided to go to her local supermarket to create her dream flower arrangements.

Betsy headed out to Meijer in Mason, Michigan- her local supermarket. She knew once she got there, she was going to be able to spend more for her dollar. Upon her arrival at Meijer, Betsy explained her vision and theme to the manager. With his help, she was able to pick out the wedding flowers she loved, the Great Lakes Living bouquets. Since the Great Lakes Living bouquets colors change every season, Betsy was able to stay within her theme. In a matter of seconds, the decision process became as easy as 1,2,3.


The special order was placed and Betsy was on her way to finish the last items on her check list. The manager at the supermarket let her know that her order was stored until the night before. Everything was boxed up, labeled and ready to go! The big day arrived and Betsy was beyond ecstatic to pick up her wedding flowers. “Everything was ready by the time I arrived at the Meijer,” said Betsy, “Meijer and Great Lakes Living definitely looked out for my interest, especially when picking the flowers. They were so fresh!”

The wedding took place right outside her backyard and it was time to set up! The Great Lakes Living bouquets were placed in the center of the tables, along with some in the dessert table. The fresh, hearty flowers sat outside the sun for about four hours, which allowed them to bloom beautifully. Betsy designed her hand bouquet, as well as the bouquets for her wedding party and two flower girls. She received many compliments for how her wedding flowers came out.

The night approached and as always, every party comes to an end. Betsy was pleased with the outcome of her special day.

Betsy handed out the bouquets to her wedding party as a thank you gift, which lasted a little over two weeks!

“I would absolutely use the Great Lakes Living bouquets again! I received many compliments and was satisfied with the team at Meijer for helping me throughout this process.”

The Great Lakes Living team would like to thank Betsy for sharing her story with us. It was beautiful to see the arrangements transform into wedding flowers. Congratulations to Betsy and her lucky husband on their special day!

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