Tis’ the season for the most wonderful time of the year! Dust off your decorations and get ready to transform your homes into a winter wonderland using holiday flowers.

Why not try something new this year and decorate your home using the most popular holiday flowers and plants seen throughout the season. Don’t know what they are? No worries, we did all the work for you and listed the holiday flowers and plants below:


The Alstroemeria comes in a variety of colors. Luckily, the Great Lakes Living holiday collection carries red, green and white alstro’s. These flowers have a lifespan of about two weeks and symbolizes wealth, prosperity and fortune (perfect for the holiday season).

Bells of Ireland

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Known for resembling a hanging bell, these bright green flowers are perfect for the season! These flowers are known for their long lasting life span and will look great as a runner for a centerpiece.


closeup of the blossomed beautiful red poinsettia flowers in the greenhouse

The poinsettia is the most popular Christmas plant seen this time of year. The poinsettia is made up entirely of leaves, which come in a variety of colors and sizes. It’s important to give your poinsettia the right care in order to have it last the majority of the month. Set your plant somewhere where there is bright, indirect light and water the soil when it begins to go dry.



You might think of Rosemary as an herb used to cook or garnish drinks, but the Rosemary can also be used for the holidays. Many stores are now selling Rosemary in the form of a smaller version of a Christmas tree. If you’re looking for something smaller this year, go pick one up and decorate it just as you would a Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree

We had to include the most seen plant during the season! Did you know there are several types of Christmas trees that can be grown right outside your backyard? The best type of Christmas tree to grow in a container is the Sawara Cypress. The Sawara Cypress grows slowly and has a tint of a silver-blue foliage. Feel free to hang small ornaments on this Christmas tree.

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