No matter what part of the country you call home, there is something magical about living on the water. If you are lucky enough to own a lake house, you can enjoy those spectacular waterfront views any time you want.


You can make your beautiful lakefront home even more beautiful by incorporating fresh flowers into your décor. There are plenty of ways to use flowers in your lake house, and bringing the beauty of nature indoors is one of the best ways to make your lakefront property even more fun.


Front Porch

If you live on the lake, you probably spend a lot of time sitting on the porch and enjoying the view. You can make your front porch adventures even more fun by placing a vase filled with fresh flowers on your porch-side table.


Nothing makes the porch look more inviting than a big vase of fresh cut flowers. Whether you are chatting with friends, entertaining clients or just enjoying the great outdoors, flowers bring the beauty of nature right to your front porch.


Back Deck

If the back deck of your home overlooks the water, you probably spend a lot of time hanging out there and enjoying the beautiful waters. You can make your deck or patio even more livable with a fresh bouquet of fresh flowers. Just place the flowers on the table next to your deck chair and watch the sunset shine on the lake.



If you want to welcome guests to your home, redecorating the foyer is a great way to do it. Adding a big vase of fresh cut flowers to the table just inside the door of your home is a great way to set the stage for what’s to come. Whether you choose flowers that match the color scheme of the rest of the home or use a bright contrasting shade, you can create a beautiful foyer your guests are sure to love.



Give your fresh cut flowers a suitable home by placing a big vase on your favorite sunny windowsill. Whether those windowsill dwelling flowers are accompanied by other greenery or displayed on their own, they are sure to look spectacular.



Adding a sunroom to your lake house is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors all year long. Even when the temperature drops and the lake freezes over, you can still enjoy the abundant sunshine and spectacular beauty of nature.


You can make your winter lake house even more beautiful by adding a couple of vases of flowers to your sunroom. The flowers will love the sun – and you will love the way they look.



A vase filled with fresh flowers will make your kitchen warmer, sunnier and more inviting. The scent of the fresh flowers will mix with the aroma of your cooking in a most delightful way, so pick up some blooms on the way home and enjoy.



The bathroom is the perfect place for the fresh scent of cut flowers, so pick up a bouquet on your way home, grab your favorite vase and enjoy the aroma. Whether it is a vase of fresh flowers in the guest bathroom or a floral arrangement in the master bath, there are plenty of ways to incorporate their color into the room.


Owning a lake house is a dream come true for many people, and you can make your dream home even more special with fresh flowers. No matter where you live, a vase of fresh flowers can dress up every room in your lakeside home.