Want to involve the youngsters this year for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got the perfect DIY project for you! 

Just follow the steps below and watch the magic unfold:


  • Glass Vase (Any size or shape)
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Heart stencil/cut out
  • White construction paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Great Lakes Living Flowers


Wash your vase inside and out. Measure the size of your vase with the white construction paper and make sure it wraps around the vase with no open spaces showing. Set the vase aside and lay your white paper on a flat surface. Grab another piece of paper and cut out your heart shape. You can find a heart printable online. The size of the heart varies on how big you want it on your vase. We chose a medium-to-large sized heart!

Then, place the heart stencil over your white paper and prep your paint.


Now for the fun part! Dip the eraser inside your paint.STEP 3: 

Begin to trace your heart stencil with your eraser until you see the form of a heart. Then, carefully remove your heart stencil.











STEP 4: 

We decided to give our heart an “ombré” effect and added two lighter colors inside the heart! This is the time you can step out of the box and let your creativity show!


Let your paint dry completely. Once it has dried up, wrap your beautiful heart stencil creation around your vase and secure the edges with tape. Ta-da! You’ve just transformed your vase into a beautiful inspired Valentine’s Day vase!

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