Valentine’s Day cards are so yesterday! Why not give your sweetie a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a message on the actual vase! Sit tight, relax and learn how to create a chalk-message-vase in three easy steps.

Here’s what you need:


  • Glass Vase (Any size or shape)
  • Paint Brush
  • Chalk Paint
  • Chalk Markers
  • Great Lakes Living Bouquet
  • Additional Decor


Make sure your vase is completely dry (inside and out) and begin to paint your vase with the chalk paint color of your choice (we chose black for ours). Once you’ve coated the entire vase, wait a couple of minutes for the paint to dry completely. Chalk paint tends to dry rather quickly, so just keep an eye on it. If you think the vase needs a second coat, go for it!


Once the vase is completely dry, grab your chalk markers and begin to write your personalized message for your sweetie!


STEP 3: 

*Optional: Add some fun Valentine’s Day decor to your vase. Fill it with water, and place your Great Lakes Living Bouquet inside! Congrats, you’ve just created your very own masterpiece! Your vase is now ready to be gifted to your loved one!

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