Throughout the Great Lakes region, it’s common for school children to present their teacher or even several teachers with farewell gifts. Many families make a point to send gifts for each of their children’s instructors including music, art, and physical education teachers. When you gather some art supplies, grocery store flowers, and simple objects around the house, you can create delightful “Thank You” gift ideas for your kids’ teachers they are sure to love.

Ball Jar Bouquet

A ball jar is just a plain glass jar, but it can be ramped up for the holidays with some holiday ribbon and pretty Christmas bouquet. This simple flower vase is ideal for personalizing remembrances like gift cards.

Thrifty floral gift ideas for teachers

Pencil Vase

With a couple packs of pencils and an inexpensive Dollar Store vase, you can create a charming gift for your child’s favorite teacher. You’ll need a plain glass vase that doesn’t have any curves. Then, one by one, you’ll carefully glue each pencil in place until they completely fence the glass from view. You can use classic yellow pencils or colorful pencils. Add Great Lakes Living flowers  from Meijer to make a gorgeous display.

Glitter Vase

An inexpensive colored glass vase with a touch of glitter. If you have spray glitter, you can add stripes to the vase. If you are using a paint brush, you can add polka dots to the vase.

Gold Leaf Bottles

If you have several teachers to present with gifts, consider gathering various bottles in unique shapes and giving each a coat of gold leaf. Then, print or cut out a few “Thank You” words  in different fonts and glue one to each bottle. Coat the bottle with clear-cut sealer and you’ll have an instant  gift. As a final touch add a ribbon.

Thrifty floral gift ideas for teachers

Your kids’ teachers will be thrilled that you took time to choose beautiful flowers for them to show them how much you appreciate them and their handwork this school year. If your kids enjoy crafts, they can even help you create each unique vase.